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About Why Knot

Why Knot is a concept that promotes all of my various passions on one concise platform.

Throughout my life, I have always been driven to follow my wandering curiosity, and from this, I have gradually added to a growing portfolio. My website displays all of these that are close to my heart. They are all of great benefit to us as humans, and this is my way to share these passions with you.

It could be that in the upcoming weeks/months/years these pages will expand in tandem with curiosity as I continue to grow, learn, and walk the journey of my own path.

I offer private classes and hand-made, personalised products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. I believe in giving and creating classes that focus on the mind, body and soul: carefully crafted with you in mind. I encourage you to pursue something that touches your soul and enriches your life. Here is to hoping that you find something here that peaks your own curiosity.

Share the love and happiness, Why Knot do something for yourself? 


Yogini Katrina Madrilejo 



"Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret to life."

Gregory Maguire

Katrina's expertise allows her to find the new students in her class and help them with unfamiliar poses, while remaining the ability to adjust more experienced students. She provides encouragement to step outside of my comfort zone, but is respectful of an individual's need to own their practice. Nice Savasana! Namaste.

Katrina is so amazing! She is the reason I got myself to this class on a Friday night and I loved every second! Such an incredible class and really good stretch, she knew exactly what we all needed on such a miserable day.

Dawn M.

Liz J.

Love Kat's classes as they are interactive with the group encouraging yogis to help each other to reach new heights!

I really enjoyed Katrina's style and pace of class. It was wonderful balance of slow and purposeful poses with energy and challenge that created a perfect morning flow.

Stephen W.

Nga P.