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6 Week Yoga Foundations Course

January 2021

Due to a few requests and feedback that I have had so far, I have decided to create a Zoom course designed for complete beginners and/or those who want to understand their Yoga practice deeper.

Do you find that your "normal" sessions are just too quick to follow?

Do you ask yourself "am I even doing this correctly"?

Then this course is for you. I will break things down and will run sessions as a workshop type format. We will always start the session with a warm up, do's & don'ts and lesson plan. We will then focus on a particular topic each week and a shorter flow to implement what we have learnt. Finish off with a well deserved Savasana to understand the breath. You will then have time to ask questions at the end of each session. By the last week, our aim is to combine all the knowledge you have learnt so far for a full class.

Sessions are 75mins weekly through Zoom, so you will get instant and real time feedback from me. I have decided to make it as a course and not a drop in basis as I want to see the group grow and develop their practice consistently and together.


Week 1: Sun Salutations Breakdown

One of the most important parts of the session and what we practice everyday. But are we doing it correctly? We will go into details of each posture to find your flow, together with breathing techniques, you will soon maximise the full benefits of Sun Salutations.

Week 2: Understanding Your Inner Warrior

As well as going into your Warrior 1-3, we will focus on alignments and placement, especially with your feet. The feet support all of our weight and we often forget about them. Let's take time to ground our feet and its placement so we can find a stable warrior stance and free up the upper body. 

Week 3: Hips Don't Lie

Similarly to feet, finding the correct hip alignment will determine your spine alignment and freedom of movement. We will also focus on opening and closing the hips and how this affects the spine.

Week 4: Let's Twist & Bend

Having grounded our feet and stabilised our hips, let's investigate how we can find freedom to move with our spine. Let's explore and be grateful to our individual abilities as we take a moment to embrace our natural curves.

Week 5: Open Your Heart

Understanding what we have learnt so far with alignment will support your forward folds and backbends. Time to open our hearts safely and correctly with ease.

Week 6: Confidence in Your Practice

With open hearts, come confidence. We will do a brief recap of everything we have learnt so far and finish off with a beautiful and full flow. Understand that this is only the beginning of a safer and happier practice to continue.

Community & Connection

As well as the course, join our FB Community to connect with like minded individuals. Inspire others and let them inspire you to a lifelong practice of Yoga.



£65 includes:

6x 75mins Workshop Type Sessions

FB Community

Real time feedback

Deeper Understanding of Yoga


say YES to completing this course,

say YES to a healthier lifestyle

say YES to an overall well being.


Take action, and put yourself at the top of your to do list.


I am running a FREE TASTER CLASS on the 16th December at 6:30pm.

Join me to see how the classes would run and to talk about the course.

If you are interested, send me an email at: kat@whyknotme.co.uk and I will put you on the list and send Zoom links nearer the time.

PRE-BOOKING is now LIVE, spaces are limited as I want to be able to give everyone the attention and dedication needed.

Please book in advance. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to drop me an email and follow my socials. An email will be sent in the next couple of days for further and detailed information of the programme.


From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you for supporting me during this time. See you soon and let's keep flowing!