As a former professional dancer, I used Neals Yard remedies to relieve muscle pain, my favourite is the Arnica Salve! For the last 3 years I have fallen in love with their products and found myself naturally sharing its benefits to others as I genuinely believe in their ethics and philosophy as a company.

I am currently a yoga teacher and use their essential oils to my students at the end of the class during Svasana. Depending on the scent, it helps calm the mind or create an uplifting energy for the rest of the day. My students love them and always ask where I get them as it's their favourite part of the class!

So, finally, on October 2019, I decided to be an independent consultant. I  want to share my love of their products to others and create an overall wellbeing to your lifestyle. Neals Yard Remedies mirror my philosophy as a yoga teacher and as a woman who believes in pure and natural products that is friendly to the environment and to myself.

I hope you find something here that would benefit YOU. All are retail prices (let me know if you want to join the team to get discounts!) but you'll be helping a yogi out! Make sure you can see my name at the top right corner ;) Click below to surround yourself with products that are good to yourself and nature.


Neal's Yard Remedies


I'd like to invite you to a free Discovery Class to find out if my approach to health can help with YOUR goals. 

No experience required, just an open mind and heart.

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