Online Yoga


As a full time freelance yoga teacher, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, adaptation is important. During this period, I have taken my classes online for everyone, including myself, to continue with their practice in the safety of our homes. Now more than ever is the best time to start something new or go deeper into your practice. It is important to keep your immune system healthy and your body and mind active. I will be streaming live via Zoom, and donations through PayPal will be greatly appreciated and welcome.

Props you will need to join:

Yoga Mat or towel

Yoga Blocks or thick books

Yoga Strap or rope/socks/leggings

Classes are taught with no music, but feel free to bring your favourite playlist!

These are suggestions, be creative! :)

All levels welcome to join! Bring your family and friends and let's find freedom through self isolation! 

If you have any questions, please email


12:30pm Vinyasa/Dynamic Flow

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10:00am Morning/Backbend Flow

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11:30am Outdoor Yoga



*Please note this is UK time, please adjust accordingly to your local time. Classes are 60 minutes, unless stated below.

*Classes include at least 5 minutes of guided meditation at the end.

Please join Zoom meeting at least 5 minutes before start time

Gentle Stretch Flow

Gentle Stretch Flow is a perfect way to start your week by focusing on gentle mobility to activate the whole body. We hold  asanas (positions) longer to release tension and able to go deeper. A gentle movement meditation that will energise you for the day! Finishing off with restorative postures and longer Savasana. Suitable to all levels, especially those new to Yoga and recovering from injuries or returning to exercise.

Yang to Yin

First half will be a Yang (dynamic) flow to activate muscles, lengthen and increase flexibility. Last half of the class will be Yin-- aimed to restore our body, mind, and soul. A perfect practice to get you out of the chair and get moving! Welcome to all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a collective sequence based on Sun Salutations. Postures are connected from one another seamlessly. Requires a bit more energy and effort, and is considered to be the level that is accessible to all. Options will be given and no class is exactly the same as one. We creatively flow and breath and movement correlation is emphasised. You will leave the class feeling accomplished and a bit sweaty! Everyone welcome.

Outdoor Yoga

Saturdays at 11:30am at Parkhill, Croydon.

Meeting point: Kids playground.

Please bring your own mats, towels, and water bottle AND hand sanitiser. Let's continue a safe practice of social distancing. £5.20 a session, max 5 participants, so get booking!

Dynamic Flow

Dynamic Flow is where I am able to spice things up and use my background in Dance. We explore the in between and transitions. We do not necessarily "hold" postures, but we explore the unexplored where our bodies and mind can be challenged. I think of it as a full body massage as we activate with mindful and conscious movements.  All levels welcome, but phase is faster, so perfect for those who are already active and can laugh at themselves!

Guided Meditation

Up to 30 minutes to restore. This will be a voice recording that you may access whenever you need to. Starting off with gentle movements to get you comfortable staying still for the rest of the session.

Get cosy and snug and allow my voice to guide you through different themes of meditation to reconnect back to your true self. If you are interested, please subscribe and send me an email.

Click here for recording themes.

Backbend Flow

Ahhhh, Backbend of my favourite flows! This is where we emphasise our practice to open the heart centre. Opening leads to confidence and a more positive outlook in life. We stretch out and massage the heart, and allow compassion to grow from within us. Amazing for a spine articulation and activation, however be mindful if you have back injuries. This is all about spreading LOVE! All levels welcome, give me a shout for any injuries.

Private Online Yoga

Interested to have a 1-2-1, or gathering your family and friends to have an intimate private session? Let me know and we can organise it to your needs and availability. I hosted a Family Yoga and it was a nice way to see everyone and practice together during isolation! We can put the video and mics on so that we can find a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can communicate with each other! :)