Yoga Mat or towel

Yoga Blocks or thick books

Yoga Strap or rope/socks/leggings

Yoga Bolster/cushions (Yin and Pregnency & after birth classes)

Classes are taught with no music, but feel free to bring your favourite playlist!

These are suggestions, be creative! :)

A few words from Katrina...


I fell in love with Yoga when I started attending classes to support my mental and physical wellbeing during my professional dance training. I aspired to be like my teacher. The manner in which she delivered her classes: calmly, clearly, and with no judgements, left an everlasting impression. It was an hour of my time which I always looked forward to, where I could solely focus on myself. 


I used to believe that Yoga would only help me physically, but when I decided to follow my curiosity to India and complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, I realised how much I needed to take care of my mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Benefits of Yoga are endless: increase in flexibility and strength, being positive and calm, increase in energy level, and ease in body pain to name a few. For me, the importance of yoga is to reconnect with your breath and especially with yourself.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr) under Yoga Alliance, I combine my dance training and Yoga knowledge into specialised sessions that cater to individual of various needs. I am fully insured and qualified to teach Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pre & postnatal Yoga.


Yoga to me is a way of life and I look forward to sharing my journey to each and every one of you. The classes that I am offering right now are classes I believe would benefit you, especially during this time, and aim to provide a mind-body experience.

Why Knot do something for yourself?


I'd like to invite you to a free Discovery Class to find out if my approach to health can help with YOUR goals. 

No experience required, just an open mind and heart.

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